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Da Vape Store

$0.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan

Party Ibiza

$0.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$0.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$8.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$8.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$8.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$8.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$10.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan


$10.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan

City Life

$10.00 \ Required Pro Plus plan

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What you CAN do with the themes/sites:
You can use themes for commercial purposes such as selling a customized website design (that has been build by CubeX Designs/CubeX Team).You can modify the themes and change them do your needs.

What you CAN'T do with the themes/sites:
You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer free themes you purchased from CubeX Designs/CubeX Team "as is" to any third party or online marketplace and without strict permission from CubeX Designs/CubeX Team.

Refund is possible within 48 hours after purchasing a product.

We may terminate the service you paid for if we deem it necessary, due to - (disrespect, racism,ddos,dox and so ), this Behavior is unacceptable and User who is committing this acts on people may result in an investigation, terminate the service he paid for and even a permanent ban from our services.

When purchasing a product, you must pay the full price of the product at the time, once done you will receive the product you purchased.

When buying pre made products or order custom products/service you are NOT allowed at any time to resell/sell this product to anyone else.

Resell / redistribute in whole or in part one of the products/services Is NOT allowed at any time.

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