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We started as 2 teenagers who just wanted to create and show our skill in Arma 3, we started making Custom made (and coded) HUD's and GUI's.
After a few months of practice, we decided to go all in and started to offer custom jobs involving custom scripting and GUI's.
after 2 years of making custom products for the Arma 3 game, we hope to keep getting bigger and better. We are now a team of 3 amazing people who coding, creating and designing epic products.

Terms & Service

We are not obligated to return money after purchase, only if we consider it right to do so.You are not able to request to change the product you purchased after more than three weeks after receiving the product (unless you have the Premium Service Package).We may terminate the service you paid for it if we deem its necessary, due to - (disrespect, racism,ddos,dox and so ), this Behavior is unacceptable and User who is committing this acts on people may result in an investigation, terminate the service he paid for and even a permanent ban from our services.If we stop the service, only max of 50 percent of the money will be returned to you.When you order a service and/or product you are required to pay 50% of the predetermined payment or the full payment. After the service and / or product have been made you’ll get a preview of them and if you determine that the service is completed, you will be asked to send the final payment (50 percent) and thenthe product will be sent to you.
When buying a product, you must pay the full payment and then you will receive the product you purchase.Each product and service can take up to 3 months of work.If we notice that a product or service will take more than two weeks of work, we will notify the customer and wait for an answer before continuing to work on the product or service.
If the first and/or second payment was not delivered in the requested date, We may report it, and we will not give you the service or product you paid for.If the second payment was not delivered until the requested date, we have a Full permission to sell your product to the public.When buying pre made products or order custom products/service you are NOT allowed at any time to resell/sell this product to anyone else.Resell / redistribute in whole or in part one of the products/services Is NOT allowed at any time.