Professional Carrd Themes


A platform for building one-page sites for pretty much anything.

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Premium Carrd themes and designs for Carrd Pro users.

Required Carrd Pro Standart Or Higher

Da Vape Store

Modern theme, perfect for showing off your business or community.

Party Ibiza

Party style theme with neon like design.


Cool transition 1-container page theme.


Color based theme for your startup.


Advanced and professional theme for companies.


Simple theme with scroll section.


Well designed theme fitted for gaming communities.


Warm colors theme for your personal business.


Gaming styled theme for the gaming community.

City Life

Unique theme design, made for business and personal use.


Online store style theme.


High-Quality theme made for jewelry stores and more.


Terms & Service

What you CAN do with the themes/sites:
You can use themes for commercial purposes such as selling a customized website design (that has been build by CubeX Designs/CubeX Team).You can modify the themes and change them do your needs.

What you CAN'T do with the themes/sites:
You cannot redistribute, resell, lease, license, sub-license or offer free themes you purchased from CubeX Designs/CubeX Team "as is" to any third party or online marketplace and without strict permission from CubeX Designs/CubeX Team.

You must have Carrd Pro Standard plan or higher to be able to use some themes.After purchasing you will receive a confirmation email when the theme has been pushed (sent) to your account.
Transferring themes is a manual process and can take from an hour and up to a day or two.

We may terminate the service you paid for if we deem it necessary, due to - (disrespect, racism,ddos,dox and so ), this Behavior is unacceptable and User who is committing this acts on people may result in an investigation, terminate the service he paid for and even a permanent ban from our services.

When purchasing a product, you must pay the full price of the product at the time, once done you will receive the product you purchased.

When buying pre made products or order custom products/service you are NOT allowed at any time to resell/sell this product to anyone else.

Resell / redistribute in whole or in part one of the products/services Is NOT allowed at any time.

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Transferring themes is a manual process and can take from an hour and up to a day or two.